You know - there’s something great about the two of you together. I think you should get married.
— Steve - our first Uber driver


by Jordan

Early on in our dating relationship, Morgan and I were having dinner with some friends when I was asked the question, "So Jordan, what's Morgan's best quality?" My answer then holds true today, and has been affirmed by every single person I've encountered who knows "Aunt Gans" - nobody on earth loves people the way Morgan Stallings loves people.
Morgan loves lots of things, and loves them well: mystery Amazon boxes, owl memorabilia, nicknames, supper club, winning at cards, witty IG posts, Dallas, dippable foods, proper use of the passing lane on the highway, the Cowboys, nonfat double-shot lattes (with NO sugar or syrup, please and thank you), falling asleep to white noise and/or God's Word (okay, probably Harry Potter) via audiobook, fruit & squeezable children's yogurt, all things lake (boats, houses, Highlands, you name it), and massages that are borderline criminally painful. But this is all just the stuff of life, and Morgan's love for people far surpasses her affinity for HIMYM or mini-golf.
Everywhere Morgan goes, she engages the world with a deep, unabashed love for humanity: her family, her friends, godchildren, random babies, co-workers, Uber drivers, and restaurant servers. She loves without reservation, without fear, and without shame. Children come alive in her presence, met with her unconditional compassion and grace...and her hugs. Her friends and colleagues alike are challenged by her fiery passion, find their grief shared by the depth of her empathy, or are moved to full-body spasms of laughter by the sheer force of her joy. Even in the tiniest of details - Morgan carries a pair of Koozies at all times, just in case she runs into a friend or stranger with a beverage in danger of becoming lukewarm - she is in a constant state of preparation to love & serve others. In these, and so many other ways, she will forever be teaching me and everyone else what it means to love people like Jesus does.
I get the privilege of marrying this woman. It's gonna be the adventure of my life.


by Morgan

Jordan (or as my friends, family and godchildren call him JoJo, Jor Jor, Uncle Jor Jor, Boy Jordan / BJ, Jordan Flag, Uncle Flag, Uncle Jordan, JJ, Griz, Bear, JJ Greenwoke, Sparky, Boy Jo Jo, Jeaux) is the best guy I know.  I think the hardest thing for me about being with Jordan has been the fact that I'm pretty sure that all my friends and family now like him better than they like me!  But I don't blame them - I'm with them. 
Hailing from the great state of Arkansas (Northwest Arkansas to be clear - which is a very important clarification,) he's a Razorback through and through, but he's assimilated nicely to Texas.  He loves: his Australian Shepherd - Wrigley (bless her crazy heart), his family + friends (and my family and friends), the Chicago Cubs, all the Razorback sports, puzzles (he's a puzzle mastermind), reading all the books in the world, sipping a nice girly pink cocktail (but if those aren't available then a bourbon will do), Dallas TX, social justice, Deadspin, podcasts about murders, emojis and gifs as primary forms of communication, unique socks, acts of service, arcade games (but only the ones at which he thinks he can beat me), card / board games, movies that make you cry, good television, Sunday afternoon naps, the people and country of Nepal, camping + camping gear, coffee (especially a latte with a pump of almond), cinnamon rolls in the shape of ET, reading movie reviews, telling a good story, and me (so well).
In the time we've been together, we've experienced some of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows that this life has to offer.  Looking back, I don't know how I could have made it through the past year without him by my side.  He listens, he responds, he encourages, he challenges, and he loves in the midst of all of it.
He is a man of high character, profound calmness, sarcastic humor, immense intelligence, and great faithfulness.  I've always liked him so much that I had an idea we'd get married even before our first date - I was right (as always).






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