I will be at the Columns hotel starting around Noon that day and will see those staying there when you arrive.  Hopefully we'll be able to get into our rooms earlier rather than later.  If you're staying at a different hotel, feel free to come to the Columns to just hang out, get drinks / food, etc at any point during the weekend.

Stevie's going to give me a spray tan that afternoon if anyone wants to get in on that, you can text or call her at 417-818-1314 or email her at to coordinate.  She's staying at The Columns.

7pm  |  Bachelorette Party starts w/ dinner at The Columns Hotel & Lauren's arranged everything from there.
3811 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 701

Lauren's cellphone if you have any questions about the bachelorette party or anything over the weekend is 504-782-9003


11am  |  Bridal Brunch at The Court of Two Sisters
All hostesses, bridesmaids, house party, wedding participants, family, Bea, Elena and Caroline!
613 Royal Street | New Orleans, LA 70130

4pm  |  Rehearsal at the Pavilion of the Two Sisters - City Park
All bridesmaids, pastor, singers, scripture readers, house party, family, and their significant others
3 Victory Avenue | New Orleans, LA 70124
Everyone will arrange own transportation to/from hotels to the rehearsal and on to the rehearsal dinner. Children and significant others are more than welcome at the rehearsal but not required.  Rev. Jon Wasson will lead the walk through of the ceremony and pro/recessionals.

Parking Tip - huge open parking lot across from the door to the Pavilion

(Commentary ... It is just a coincidence that both the luncheon and the wedding venue contain the phrase "two sisters"...they are not near each other nor are they the same thing.)

6pm  |  Rehearsal Dinner at the Parlor at the Ponchartrain Hotel
Please be sure you've RSVPd to Melanie at or 501-673-4144
Also - I know it says "semi-formal" attire but really it's just cocktail attire.  We'll mingle for a little while, sit down for dinner and then open up the mic for toasts!
2031 Saint Charles Avenue | New Orleans, LA 70130

Parking Tip - best to valet at the hotel or find street parking

*NOTE - the door to the Parlor is not the main door to the hotel.  When you arrive at the hotel, the door to the parlor will be around the corner on the left side of the hotel (when looking at it from the front.)

If you can, plan to stay for a little bit after dinner, and we'll head up to The Ponchartrain's "Hot Tin" Rooftop bar for a drink!

Ubers and taxis are easy to get as well as the streetcar to and from most destinations. 


Saturday daytime will hopefully just be relaxing and chill.  I'm planning on having breakfast and coffee at the hotel and then starting to get ready after that. 

The hair and makeup people (Flawless Bride) will be arriving at 11:30am to set up and begin prep.  They'll be setting up in my room at The Columns - Room 8.  A few people are doing hair and I believe just one other person (other than me) for makeup / lashes.  If you're one of the people who signed up for hair and/or makeup, I'll find out what time slots we've got and will assign you one - just ask me. My room will be open-door all day - feel free to come and go as you wish. Yvonne will be bringing in some food for us to snack on during the day.  

3:45pm |  The only thing I need from you is to be ready for pictures at 3;45-ish pm.  Xan will do some bridesmaids, groomsmen and full wedding party photos at The Columns.  We have a bus / limo to bring the wedding party out to the venue - your spouses / significant others will need to ride separately via cars or ubers.  Guys will go first at 4p and ladies will stay back and do more pictures.  Then the bus will come back for us at 4:45p.  People with kids who want to take kids in cars separately can definitely do that.  There are 15 seats on the bus so if we have extra spots then dates and husbands can hop on.

When we get out to the Pavilion at City Park, we'll take more pictures until we need to go into the bridal room around 6:15p.  At that point, Natalie, LC, Kelsey, Blair, Rebecca, and Lindsey will head out to get ready for ceremony, programs, singing, readings, guestbook, etc... And bridesmaids, flower girls, Mom and Nantie will stay with me in the bridal room until 7pm for the start of the ceremony.

7 - 7:30pm  |  Ceremony

7:30 - 10:30p  |  Reception: we'll second line out of the reception at the end.

THANK YOU for being there and celebrating with us!